They'll pass over the money without even thinking about it; for it is money they have and peace they lack.
  -James Earl Jones "Field of Dreams"
and don't go mistaking paradise for that home across the road
  -Bob Dylan "Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I voted over the weekend, haven't mailed it yet, but it is sealed up. I stopped and looked at every contest but ended up voting for every Democrat on the ballot and left the contests where there was no Democrat blank. I voted for Jonathan Weisbuch for District 5 Maricopa County Special Health Care District (the post is non-partisan, I googled the names and liked what I read about him.) I voted for Lela Alston for Phoenix Union High School District governing board at large -- I met her when I ran for office, she was a State Senator then. I skipped over the Phoenix Elementary District race, didn't know enough about them. I also skipped the judge retention part, which I usually do unless I know something specific. Here is what I did on the propositions. The reader is free to print this out and take it to the polls as a guide. I get more votes that way. I will admit that I am often swayed by who is for and who is against a proposition.

Proposition 100 - bans any new sale or transfer tax on real property transactions.

I had a hard time with this one. On one hand the last thing that needs to happen today would be to do something that would further depress the housing market. On the other hand, this is an amendment to the state constitution that would last forever, it may be appropriate in the future to slow down growth or otherwise finance needed infrastructure items, education, etc. The pro arguments came from a list of people which included not only the usual suspects, Farm Bureau, Contractors, Cattlemen, Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Tax Revolt, etc., but also a few people I respected such as our state Senator Ken Cheuvront, Rose Mofford and Eddie Basha. The only con arguement from a source that I had heard of came from the Arizona Education Association. Ultimately I voted NO, worried about future handicaps to raising funds.

Proposition 101 - "freedom of choice" in healthcare.

This sounds like something that would ultimately be used as a roadblock for universal healthcare. The supporters included a bunch of people in the healthcare field, the Arizona Restaurant Association and State Treasurer Dean Martin. The opponents included more healthcare folk plus the Green Party, WESTMARC (a west valley coalition), National Organization for Women, and the Republican Party. I voted NO, it was Dean Martin that convinced me.

Proposition 102 - defines marriage as being between a man and a woman.

This is hateful and unnecessary. NO

Proposition 105 - "let the people decide act"

This is ridiculous. It requires that a majority of REGISTERED voters vote yes on any initiative that would raise taxes or cause an increase in spending. Looking at the turnout in previous elections, that means that you would need at least 75% of the vote. In the 1998 general election the turnout was 45.8% which would mean that nothing could pass. With this nonsense in place no initiative that would raise taxes or spending could possibly ever pass. NO

Proposition 200 = Payday loan reform

This came from the payday loan industry. These people are blood suckers. It is not reform, it is license. NO

Proposition 201 - Homeowners Bill of Rights

Supported by unions and consumer groups, opposed by the usual suspects including the Home Builders. YES

Proposition 202 - Stop Illegal Hiring

This is opposed by Russell Pearce, the state legislator who succeeded with all of the anti-immigrant stuff 2 years ago. YES

Proposition 300 - Raise legislators' salaries from $24K to $30K

It should be $100K. This is a full time job if done right. You get what you pay for. YES

School District Consolidation

If you live in an elementary district that is proposed to merge with a high school district, you get the opportunity to vote yes or no. In our case, Phoenix Elementary, along with something like 16 other districts, would join Phoenix Union High School District. There is all sort of boo-hooing about loss of local control and having to raise teacher salaries in below average districts but that has to dwarf the benefit of getting rid of all the unnecessary administrative costs. YES


mikeb said...

The only difference I have on the propositions is no on 202.

Paul said...

So what was your thought on 202? I admit that I voted for it because the racist Mr. Pearce was against it.

mikeb said...

My thought is if something is illegal, don't help it along and keep the penalties harsh for doing so.

People keep trying to get immigration reform through state level "benefits" rather than fixing the fact its illegal in the first place at the federal level.

Unfortunately racists (and others) will want the harsher penalties locally and then fight the federal reform after that as well.

I'd just rather see the fight occurring in the right place.